All students at Janie Howard Wilson Elementary will be served free breakfast and lunch. 

Our mission is to provide a safe and caring environment, where all students can be prepared academically and socially for our future society. Providing excellence in education through a rigorous curriculum, international awareness, and lifelong learning skills, to develop future leaders with a passion to serve and create a more peaceful world. Learning for all, whatever it takes.

Parents, please be aware you will not be able to turn right on Florida Avenue at the following times (Per Memorandum):

Parents will need to turn right on Lincoln and then turn right onto C street and then go into the front of the school as the buses will be moved to the back of the school. Parents must turn right leaving the new car rider area. We have asked LWPD to assist us during the first three days of school in the afternoons with these changes.

New Car Route for JHW

New route